Spoon bread

– Alenor Pi­etersen

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Alenor was 12 years old when her granny, Mathilda, taught her how to “knead” bread with a spoon be­cause her fists were too lit­tle for the job.

MAKES 2 LARGE FLAT BREADS OR 2 REG­U­LAR LOAVES Prepa­ra­tion time: 15-20 min Ris­ing time: 20-3O min Bak­ing time: 20-25 min (flat breads), 40 min (reg­u­lar loaves)

1 kg whole­wheat flour OR half whole­wheat

and half brown bread flour 1 packet (10 g) in­stant yeast 3 ml (gen­er­ous ½ t) salt 5 ml (1 t) sugar 15 ml (1 T) each fresh, chopped rose­mary

and thyme 3 eggs, whisked 15 ml (1 T) oil about 875 ml (3½ c) luke­warm wa­ter

a few thin slices of red onion (to top the flat breads) ex­tra rose­mary and thyme (to top the flat breads) but­ter for spread­ing on top 250 g cream cheese mixed with finely chopped smoked snoek or cooked hake to serve

Pre­heat the oven to 180 °C and grease 2 shal­low bak­ing sheets or 2 loaf tins. 1 Put the flour, yeast, salt, sugar and chopped herbs in a mix­ing bowl. 2 In a large jug, mix the eggs, oil and half the wa­ter. Add to the flour mix­ture and stir well with a spoon to form a slack dough. Add more wa­ter as needed. 3 Place the bowl in a plas­tic bag, knot the bag and al­low to rise un­til dou­ble in vol­ume. 4 Di­vide equally into the greased bak­ing sheets or loaf tins. If you’re mak­ing the flat breads, ar­range the onion rings on top and sprin­kle over the ex­tra rose­mary and thyme. Put each bak­ing sheet or tin in a plas­tic bag again and knot the bag. Al­low to rise un­til dou­ble in vol­ume. 5 Bake for about 20-25 min­utes (flat breads) or 40 min­utes (reg­u­lar loaves) un­til the bread is done and sounds hol­low when you knock on it. Spread but­ter on the hot bread. 6 Serve the bread with the flavoured cream cheese.


Alenor’s bread is a healthy al­ter­na­tive be­cause she uses whole­wheat flour and adds eggs to the dough which gives a pro­tein boost. Plac­ing the dough inside plas­tic bags al­lows it to rise quickly, which is a great short­cut. The ad­di­tion of herbs from her gar­den adds a fresh touch and shows she’s been in­no­va­tive with her granny’s de­li­cious bread recipe.


Alenor’s bread recipe is so ver­sa­tile, you can make the de­li­cious loaf (left) that was a hit on the TV show or a savoury flat bread (right).

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