Chicken and vegetable bake

– Chris Koch

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Grow­ing up on a farm, Chris ate mainly rice, meat and pota­toes. Later when he lived in Lon­don he was of­ten broke and had to eat what was avail­able and learnt to eat more veg­eta­bles. Back in South Africa he de­cided one evening to make a dish with all the veg­eta­bles he’d eaten while he was away.

For vel­vety, light mashed pota­toes, stir the pota­toes with a whisk


SERVES 4 Prepa­ra­tion time: 20 min Cook­ing time: 60 min

va­ri­ety of fresh veg­eta­bles such as car­rots, onions (white and/or red), pep­pers, toma­toes, but­ter­nut, mush­rooms, green beans and baby mar­rows (enough to serve 4)

sea­son­ing such as gar­lic flakes, salt, chicken spice mix, rose­mary-and-olive salt, and gar­lic-and-herb salt to taste 30 ml (2 T) olive oil 125 ml (½ c) wa­ter (op­tional) 4 chicken breast fil­lets 1 packet in­stant sauce for the chicken mashed pota­toes or jas­mine rice and salad to serve

Pre­heat the oven to 180-190 °C. Grease a large, flat oven­proof dish. 1 Slice the veg­eta­bles, add the sea­son­ing to taste and driz­zle the olive oil over. 2 Shake to coat all the veg­eta­bles well. 3 Ar­range the veg­eta­bles in the pre­pared dish, add 125 ml (½ c) wa­ter if you like and cover with alu­minium foil or a lid. 4 Bake for 40-45 min­utes. 5 Cut the chicken fil­lets into 2-cm cubes and sea­son like the veg­eta­bles. 6 Add the chicken to the veg­eta­bles, pre­pare the sauce ac­cord­ing to the pack­age in­struc­tions and pour over. Bake for a fur­ther 20 min­utes, cov­ered or un­cov­ered. 7 Serve with mashed pota­toes or jas­mine rice and salad.

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