Green beans with toma­toes

– Muriel Roux

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This recipe is from Muriel’s Greek grand­mother, Yaiyai, who fled Tur­key as a young girl be­cause of war. She ended up com­ing to South Africa to marry a Greek man she didn’t know. On ar­rival she dis­cov­ered she would also be keep­ing house and mak­ing meals for his brothers. Yaiyai was a re­mark­able woman who be­came much-loved in the Afrikaans com­mu­nity.

SERVES 4 Prepa­ra­tion time: 15 min Cook­ing time: 15-20 min

100 ml olive oil 15 ml (1 T) tomato paste 45 ml (3 T) mixed dry basil, oregano

and pars­ley 2 onions, chopped 8 fresh toma­toes, cut into chunks good glug of vegetable stock

OR white wine (op­tional) 5 ml (1 t) sugar fresh chilli, chopped, OR cayenne pep­per

to taste (op­tional) salt and black pep­per gar­lic, chopped 1 kg fresh young green beans, topped ex­tra glug of olive oil Ital­ian bread, cous­cous, rice or mealies to

serve (op­tional)

1 Heat the olive oil in a large pan. 2 Lightly fry the tomato paste and herbs un­til fra­grant. 3 Add the chopped onions and stir. 4 Add the toma­toes and sim­mer un­til soft. For a more am­ple sauce, add a glug of stock or wine. 5 Add the sugar and chilli or cayenne pep­per to taste, if us­ing. Sim­mer for a few min­utes. It’s im­por­tant to taste the sauce now and make it your own by adding more herbs, salt, pep­per, gar­lic, chilli or other spices to taste, as pre­ferred. 6 Add the beans and heat un­til just cooked and still crunchy. 7 Add a glug of olive oil when the dish is done. 8 Serve with Ital­ian bread, cous­cous, rice or mealies, if pre­ferred.

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