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I found re­cently my­self with a spot of (rare) alone time. In­stead of fi­nally repack­ing the kids’ cup­boards as planned, I took a breather and re­flected on the year that had gone by. I re­alised I had spent way too much time wor­ry­ing – about ev­ery­thing out­side of my con­trol. No, I will never stop my mom-in-law’s con­stant judge­ments on my cook­ing (or moth­er­ing), nor will I ever be as skinny as that mom at play­group (genes are genes, after all). Some peo­ple will just never like me, no mat­ter how friendly I am. But I can like me, I can choose to ig­nore my mom-in-law and I can ac­tu­ally in­vite that mom for a cof­fee date and get to know her beyond her looks. So this year I’m mak­ing a choice. I’m go­ing to choose to go eas­ier on my­self, and on those around me. And maybe, just maybe, all that worry will dis­ap­pear.

Be­ing a mom is hon­estly the great­est mir­a­cle ever. I just can­not be­lieve that this bun­dle of per­fec­tion is mine! I can spend hours star­ing at his tiny toes, watch­ing his chest rise and fall with each breath. Friends and fam­ily told me how pre­cious this time is, and how much love I would feel for my baby, but I just couldn’t com­pre­hend the enor­mity of it. Yes, labour was hard, I’m ut­terly ex­hausted and I still don’t fit into any of my pre baby clothes, but none of that re­ally mat­ters. Life has taken on a whole new as­pect to it, almost as if I’ve been re­born too. My new­born baby re­ally is the love of my life.

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