Your Baby & Toddler - - The Dossier / Colds and Flu -

More danger­ous than a cold.

Ap­pears more sud­denly.

Likely to be ir­ri­ta­ble and have a poor ap­petite.

Symptoms are more se­vere than a cold and in­flu­ences the en­tire body; in­clud­ing nau­sea, chills, di­ar­rhoea, vom­it­ing or aching mus­cles and joints. Clear nose and ran­dom sneez­ing.

As­so­ci­ated with a fever of 38.3°C or higher.

Regular cough be­com­ing more se­vere.

Per­sis­tent headache.

Se­vere aches and pains with sev­eral weeks of ex­haus­tion.

No sore throat.

Can­not be treated with an­tibi­otics.

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