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1 BUY TWO You may not be able to con­trol which ob­ject in the house your child falls in love with. But try your damnedest to steer baba to­wards the one you’ve pre­s­e­lected. The one you have an ex­act du­pli­cate of. Be­cause when that blanky goes miss­ing on your first flight with your child, your life will not be worth living – un­less you have a cun­ning spare up your sleeve, that is...

2 BUY WASH­ABLE At night, af­ter your child has gone to sleep clutch­ing blanky, sneak into his room and re­move it. Place the manky blanky into the wash­ing ma­chine and place the iden­ti­cal re­place­ment blanky (point 1) with your child. Tip: do not try to do this while child is awake.

3 BUY INTO IT Don’t fight your child’s at­tach­ment to the ob­ject. It’s do­ing a job help­ing your child in­di­vid­u­ate. And if no­body’s stressed about it, the whole fam­ily will feel hap­pier and ev­ery­one’s anx­i­ety will abate – which also means you’ll “lose” the ob­ject sooner (if you are still car­ing by this stage).

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