Bring­ing a new baby into an ex­ist­ing pet-hu­man house­hold

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If you are adding a baby to your pet-filled house, it won’t just be you who faces a huge ad­just­ment. Your pet used to be the cen­tre of at­ten­tion and is about to be “re­placed”, so make the tran­si­tion as smooth as you can. “Show your dog baby things such as prams, nap­pies, and if you can, other peo­ple’s ba­bies, or record­ings of baby noises,” sug­gests Celia. “Once baby is born, bring a cloth with baby’s scent home, if pos­si­ble, be­fore the ac­tual baby. Once the baby comes home, al­low Fido a good sniff and let the ex­pe­ri­ence be as pleas­ant to the dog as pos­si­ble.” Set aside “baby” spa­ces long be­fore the birth of the “com­pe­ti­tion” by us­ing baby gates, clos­ing the door to the nurs­ery or crate-train­ing your dog, so that you have baby-safe spa­ces in your home when you need them. “When your dog is be­ing man­aged in this way make sure he has some­thing nice to chew on so that he as­so­ciates the dis­tance pos­i­tively,” says Celia. “In­clude the dog in a pos­i­tive and safe way. Re­mind your dog what you would like them to do in­stead of on pay­ing at­ten­tion when he does wrong.”

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