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Pre­vi­ously it was be­lieved that pick­ing up a child im­me­di­ately when she cried would “spoil” her and cause her to cry more of­ten. How­ever, the op­po­site is true. Ac­tu­ally, the fewer anx­i­ety-pro­vok­ing ex­pe­ri­ences ba­bies have, the sooner they de­velop a solid sense of se­cu­rity – and then they need to cry less.

Dr Erika Parker, a psy­chol­o­gist from Jo­han­nes­burg and mother of three tots un­der six, ex­plains the value of at­tach­ment: “The first two years of a child’s life is when the at­tach­ment foun­da­tion is laid and if a mother does not re­act to her child’s needs, the child learns that the world is an un­safe and un­friendly place. This will af­fect him or her for the rest of their lives. It is un­der­stand­able that Mommy can­not be around baby 24/7, how­ever, when you are to­gether, build a se­cure at­tach­ment by re­act­ing to her needs within a cou­ple of min­utes. If you have to leave baby with some­one, en­sure that there are enough as­sis­tants in or­der to re­act im­me­di­ate to the needs of each child. The care­givers should be able form an emo­tional con­nec­tion with the chil­dren.”

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