I’m strug­gling with breast­feed­ing. I am not pro­duc­ing enough milk at all. I’ve tried us­ing a breast pump to stim­u­late more pro­duc­tion, but can only pro­duce 40ml at most each time. I don’t want to put my baby on for­mula and some­body sug­gested I drink milk

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The pe­nis of a new­born baby boy is small and the tip (called the glans) is cov­ered by the fore­skin. The fore­skin pro­tects the del­i­cate pink glans un­der­neath and only be­gins to loosen from about six months and should not be pulled back be­fore the age of five. There’s no need to clean the tip of the pe­nis – in fact you shouldn’t be­cause the fore­skin of a new­born is nat­u­rally tight, and try­ing to pull it back will only trau­ma­tise or tear this del­i­cate skin. A tear will burn when the baby passes urine, and it can cre­ate an open­ing for in­fec­tions. Only when your un­cir­cum­cised son is a teenager will the fore­skin be com­pletely loose, and then he should be taught to oc­ca­sion­ally pull this fore­skin back to clean the glans.

The outer layer of the fore­skin is a con­tin­u­a­tion of pe­nis skin, while the in­ner lin­ing is made up of mu­cous mem­brane. Like the lin­ing of the cheek, it keeps the glans moist and makes it self-clean­ing. When the glans and fore­skin be­gin to sep­a­rate, cells are shed from the sur­face of each layer. As your son grows older th­ese cells are re­placed, and dead cells are elim­i­nated as whitish gran­ules.

Don’t try to loosen the fore­skin ei­ther. Baby boys do this on their own when they can reach the pe­nis and play with it – usu­ally when you’re chang­ing the nappy. It’s also nor­mal for lit­tle boys to play with their pe­nis in the bath – don’t make him feel guilty. On rare oc­ca­sions, the fore­skin is at­tached to the glans and “bal­loons” when the new­born baby passes urine. This is called phi­mo­sis and should be seen by a doc­tor as a sur­gi­cal cir­cum­ci­sion will prob­a­bly be nec­es­sary.

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