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My new year’s res­o­lu­tion is to teach my kids about sleep­ing in... @4hand­fuls UP­DATE: My wife’s res­o­lu­tion to yell at the kids less this year has just taken a very bad turn. @moooooog35 #Kidsin5­words: noise with dirt on it. @Bb­blazkow­icz My lit­tle 2-year-old niece put a pop­corn bag in the mi­crowave and it burnt a lit­tle, and when my grandma asked who put it in there she blamed me. @Fat­ty­lukaku #Kidsin5­words: Mom, Mom, Mom... Mommy... Mom... @Tom­mal­vaso My 2-year-old nephew: Gave me a kiss and said: Love you damnit! He­he­he­hehe @sweet­zee­nun

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