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Many moth­ers want to in­crease their milk sup­ply, but please be wary of herbal reme­dies. There is very lit­tle re­search show­ing that they re­ally in­crease your sup­ply. They could also in­ter­act neg­a­tively with med­i­ca­tion that you might be on and your baby might not tol­er­ate them well ei­ther. Rather talk to your di­eti­cian or doc­tor about what you can do to in­crease your sup­ply. The best ad­vice is to eat well, drink enough, sleep enough and let your baby feed on de­mand and empty your breast with ev­ery feed. This sig­nals the “fac­tory” to make more.

Make sure that any sup­ple­ment you use does not con­tain too much vi­ta­min B, as this can sup­press milk sup­ply.

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