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1 En­cour­age your tod­dler to share, but don’t scold her if she doesn’t. 2 Don’t kick up such a fuss that your child gets lots of nega­tive at­ten­tion – it will only en­cour­age the be­hav­iour. 3 Where pos­si­ble, ig­nore the be­hav­iour and don’t in­ter­vene ev­ery time, oth­er­wise the be­hav­iour is neg­a­tively re­in­forced. 4 Dis­tract the tod­dler by show­ing her some­thing else she’ll find in­ter­est­ing. 5 When two or three tod­dlers reg­u­larly play to­gether, the par­ents can ar­range to buy or bring along roughly the same toys for ev­ery­one to play with to­gether. 6 Chil­dren find it eas­ier to learn when there’s a game in­volved, for in­stance, play a game of try­ing to “share out” a marsh­mal­low fairly. Messy and fun! 7 In­volve the child in the mak­ing and hand­ing out of presents. In this way she learns about giv­ing. 8 Watch your own be­hav­iour. Chil­dren learn best and quick­est from the ex­am­ple we set as par­ents. 9 Show your child how you share, for in­stance at the ta­ble. Count how many tak­ers there are for dessert, and cut as many pieces.

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