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Sugar snap peas, baby car­rots and baby mealies to dip in gua­camole

Dip made with cot­tage cheese and a ta­ble­spoon of chut­ney Dip made by blend­ing peas and feta Tiny piz­zas with ham and pineap­ple Mini quiches with egg, onion and spinach Lit­tle bags of pop­corn Mini meat­balls Hard boiled eggs Nuts (al­monds, wal­nuts, pis­ta­chios) Tooth­picks with cherry toma­toes, basil leaves and moz­zarella balls threaded on them Paté and crack­ers Olives Chicken drum­sticks Bil­tong


Mini bran muffins with ap­ple and raisins Ba­nana bread Fruit sticks: thread straw­ber­ries and melon balls on a sosatie stick Home­made ice cream made with fruit purée Small bowls of fruit salad with plain yo­gurt Slices of water­melon Jelly made with fruit juice and fresh fruit or purée

Date balls


Di­luted fruit juice with ice blocks con­tain­ing frozen herbs or bits of fruit Home­made iced tea with rooi­bos and ap­ple juice Slushies made with crushed ice and fruit Sparkling wa­ter with cu­cum­ber and lemon slices


✓ Take balls of var­i­ous sizes for throw­ing and kick­ing, and also a Fris­bee ✓ Take ex­tra blan­kets and cush­ions for build­ing houses ✓ If you have a quick and easy tent it is sure to be a hit ✓ Take a strip of ma­te­rial for blind man’s bluff ✓ Balanc­ing games, like who can stand or hop on one leg for the long­est ✓ Sack races are great fun ✓ Egg and spoon races are hi­lar­i­ous, so don’t peel the hard boiled eggs be­fore the pic­nic ✓ Blow bub­bles ✓ Play “Fol­low the Leader” ✓ “Leapfrog” is great for build­ing an ap­petite ✓ If there is a breeze, take a kite

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