Five ways to eat more fruit

Keep the fo­cus on fruit from an early age and it will quickly be­come sec­ond na­ture for your child to choose fruit as a healthy snack. We share five tips

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Buy plain Bul­gar­ian yo­ghurt and flavour it your­self by stir­ring through some fruit purée. This way you keep the added sugar way down com­pared to those small flavoured yo­ghurts from the shops. It works out cheaper too and you have better con­trol over the por­tion size.

Do the same with por­ridge. Flavour morn­ing oats with ap­ple purée instead of sugar. When the fruit is very ripe, and your baby can han­dle more texture, you can grate it finely.


Adding fruit to your baby’s meaty meals aids di­ges­tion as the en­zymes in the fruit help to break down the pro­tein in the meat. Com­bi­na­tions that work well are stewed chicken and apri­cot, or mince with raisins and cin­na­mon, or pork and ap­ple casseroles. Older tod­dlers will love chicken and pineap­ple ke­babs. Adding fruity flavours to stronger tast­ing veg­eta­bles also makes the veg­gies more palat­able to your baby.


Harder fruits like ap­ples and pears go down better when they have been cooked. For your baby, you can peel and steam the fruit and then purée. For older chil­dren, bake a fruit crum­ble as a treat. Layer cut up fruit in a bak­ing dish, sprin­kle with cin­na­mon and lemon juice and then add a crum­ble out of oats, but­ter and des­ic­cated co­conut.


When you peel and chop fruit, your child is much more likely to eat it than when you of­fer a whole fruit. Put fruit salad on the menu a few times a week, and change the in­gre­di­ents as the sea­sons change. For sum­mer, en­joy all the berries and grapes that are in sea­son now, as well as mel­ons. This way no-one will get bored. Other times you can cut fruit in in­ter­est­ing shapes or make lit­tle pat­terns or faces on a plate, or even put some slices on toast.


Keep a sa­chet of fruit purée in your child’s nappy bag and an­other in your hand­bag. You never know when you might have to stay out longer than in­tended, and a por­tion of fruit can keep hunger at bay in a healthy way un­til you are home again. It can also be a life­saver while you’re out shop­ping. YB

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