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GE­NET­ICS: Up to 70% of par­ents did the same thing.

CAF­FEINE: Food and drinks that con­tain caf­feine (cof­fee and tea) can make the prob­lem worse.

CON­STI­PA­TION: A third of all chil­dren who wet their beds strug­gle with con­sti­pa­tion.

BLAD­DER IN­FEC­TIONS: Blad­der in­fec­tions could lead to wet­ting the bed.

SLEEP AP­NOEA: This is a rare cause of noc­tur­nal enure­sis.

AT­TEN­TION DEFICIT: Bedwetting is more com­mon in chil­dren with at­ten­tion deficit and those who are hy­per­ac­tive.

STRESS: The birth of a younger sib­ling, a hos­pi­tal stay, prob­lems at home, bul­lies at school, mov­ing house or sex­ual abuse can cause a child who never wet their beds to start do­ing so.

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