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Dur­ing her first year, the time your baby spends awake al­ters dras­ti­cally. Here’s a quick guide:

BIRTH TO SIX WEEKS: 40 to 60 min­utes at a time SIX TO 12 WEEKS: 60 to 80 min­utes at a time THREE TO SIX MONTHS: One and a half hours at a time SIX TO NINE MONTHS: Two hours at a time. NINE TO 12 MONTHS: Two and a half hours at a time You’ll no­tice your baby is over­tired when she shows th­ese signs: • Ir­ri­tabil­ity • Look­ing away from you • Squirm­ing with fran­tic move­ments • Arch­ing her back and neck • Frown­ing • Hic­cup­ping and colour changes around the mouth • Gag­ging and spit­ting up • Cry­ing When this hap­pens you should: • Calm her en­vi­ron­ment and re­duce stim­u­la­tion • Hold her firmly and avoid chop­ping and chang­ing po­si­tions • Swaddle her tightly with her hands near her face • Say “shh” qui­etly and rock her gen­tly in your arms, or push her in her pram • Let her suck on her or your finger or a dummy • Per­se­vere with one strat­egy for about two min­utes be­fore try­ing an­other

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