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They say some peo­ple live in the past, some in the present and some in the fu­ture. I’m def­i­nitely some­one whose head is mostly in the fu­ture.

The past is over and done with and can’t be changed, so to me it seems like a waste of men­tal en­ergy spend­ing too much time dwelling on it.

The present can be a lit­tle too ‘real’ for some­one like me who likes to dream and imag­ine. That must be why I love new year’s res­o­lu­tions so much. It gives us all a good ex­cuse to talk about what we would like to change and im­prove in our lives. Look­ing back over the last few years’ plans though, I do have to ad­mit that I of­ten don’t stick to the res­o­lu­tions I an­nounce with so much pas­sion on 31 De­cem­ber. Ex­perts say that to suc­ceed your res­o­lu­tions should be very spe­cific, but I’ve found that the op­po­site works for me. Be­ing too spe­cific just sets you up for fail­ure; when you don’t stick to your plans it is easy to just give up in dis­gust at your own ‘weak­ness’.

In­stead of spe­cific res­o­lu­tions, I pre­fer to pick a theme for the year and then remind my­self of the theme all the time. That way, when a curve ball comes my way, I can dodge it and give my­self a lit­tle time to get back on track with­out be­com­ing to­tally derailed.

Drum­roll, please, for my per­sonal theme for 2018 … grat­i­tude. There are many things I would like to change about my life, but they are be­yond my con­trol to change (it’s called be­ing an adult). So, in­stead of let­ting this de­press me, I’ve de­cided to change what I can: My­self. I am go­ing to cul­ti­vate an at­ti­tude of grat­i­tude un­til it be­comes a habit. I’ll set re­minders on my cal­en­dar, read about grat­i­tude, buy a tiny bracelet with the word on it, talk to my chil­dren about it, try and make it the first thing I think about in the morn­ing and the last thing I think about at night, and keep a grat­i­tude jour­nal. I be­lieve that this will have a much more trans­for­ma­tive ef­fect on my life in 2018 than any other plan I can come up with. I also be­lieve it will make me a bet­ter mother and role model to my chil­dren.

What are your plans for 2018? We’ve given you some ideas on page 20 to get you started. Write to us and let us know how you are chang­ing your life this year.

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