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By 07:00 you can start wak­ing her up gen­tly if she is still asleep. Give her some milk.

You can in­tro­duce solids from four to six months once baby is ready. Ba­bies are usu­ally ready for solids once they can hold their head up straight or if they be­come cu­ri­ous about food while you are eat­ing. You should, how­ever, give them for­mula or breast­milk at least un­til they reach a year of age.

Feed her por­ridge af­ter her milk. Af­ter­wards you can give her the left­over milk from the first feed.

Af­ter this you can dress her and play for a while. Get­ting some fresh air in the morn­ing will make her sleepy for when she naps again be­tween 09:30 and 10:00. Try not to let her sleep for longer than an hour.


You can start giv­ing her fin­ger foods for lunch and af­ter­wards some milk. Af­ter she’s eaten she will sleep be­tween one and three hours. When she wakes up by 14:30 give her some milk, fol­lowed by play­time.

At this age your baby is big enough to join other moms and their ba­bies at a play­group. You could play in the gar­den or go gro­cery shop­ping to­gether.

Let her un­pack the gro­cery bag or re­or­gan­ise the Tup­per­ware cup­board while you start mak­ing din­ner.

By 16:00 it’s time for a short nap, es­pe­cially if she did not get much sleep af­ter lunchtime. At this age most ba­bies will only want to sleep twice in a day. Day­time naps can be any­thing from twenty min­utes to three hours.


Solids first fol­lowed by a milk feed. Be­tween 18:00 and 18:30 start get­ting ready for bed. Keep things calm. Rub her body with baby lo­tion be­fore you put on her py­ja­mas. Read her a story or talk to her about what hap­pened dur­ing the day. By 19:00 she will hope­fully be asleep.

Most ba­bies sleep be­tween ten to twelve hours at this age. They could wake up for a night feed.

If you are lucky she has started to sleep right through till morn­ing. You can now help your baby to soothe her­self back to sleep when she wakes up. Fall­ing asleep on her own is also some­thing she will have to learn and master! YB

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