Your Baby & Toddler - - The Dossier -

✓ Swad­dling. Wrap­ping your baby snugly in a re­ceiv­ing blan­ket helps to mimic the warm con­fines of your womb, mak­ing him feel safe.

✓ Side sooth­ing. Lay­ing your baby on his side shuts down his body’s Moro re­flex to help keep him calm.

✓ Sound. White noise (such as that cre­ated by a hairdryer, a car ride or a white noise ma­chine/cd) helps to soothe your baby.

✓ Swing­ing. Carry your baby in a sling or baby car­rier as rhyth­mic move­ment help keep him calm.

✓ Suck­ing. Keep your baby oc­cu­pied with a dummy. Suck­ling on the breast or bot­tle also helps.

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