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Go for green to get vi­ta­mins A, C and K, iron, chloro­phyll, lutein and fo­late into your baby’s body, as well as fi­bre. Th­ese boost im­mu­nity and aid di­ges­tion. ✓ Try kiwi fruit, cour­gettes (zuc­chini), green pep­pers, av­o­ca­dos, grapes, apples, spinach, broc­coli, as­para­gus, peas, green beans & kale. Red foods con­tain vi­ta­min A and the an­tiox­i­dants quercetin, vi­ta­min C and ly­copene to pro­tect the body and aid gas­troin­testi­nal health. ✓ Try beet­root, straw­ber­ries, rasp­ber­ries, cher­ries, red apples & wa­ter­melon. Or­ange foods ben­e­fit our eyes, skin and res­pi­ra­tory health. Th­ese an­tiox­i­dants also boost our im­mune sys­tems. ✓ Try or­anges, car­rots, peaches, man­goes, pa­paya, apri­cots & naartjies. Yel­low foods con­tain carotenoids and bioflavonoids which pro­tect us from cancer and reti­nal and heart dis­ease. It also strength­ens the col­la­gen in our skin, ten­dons, lig­a­ments and car­ti­lage. ✓ Try patty pans, ba­nanas, yel­low bell pep­pers, yel­low to­ma­toes, pineap­ples, yel­low (golden) beets. Blue and pur­ple foods are packed with an­tho­cyanin, thought to be a very ben­e­fi­cial nu­tri­ent, among oth­ers. ✓ Try black­ber­ries, plums, olives, prunes, egg­plant and pur­ple cab­bage.

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