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Q: My tod­dler’s been di­ag­nosed with chicken pox and my baby hasn’t yet had the vac­ci­na­tion for it. Should I take her for the vac­ci­na­tion early? I don’t want her to get the chicken pox from her brother.

A: Dr Paul Sin­clair, an­swers: I would ad­vise you take your baby for the vac­ci­na­tion, es­pe­cially if your tod­dler has just been di­ag­nosed with chicken pox.

The vac­cine can be com­pletely or even par­tially ef­fec­tive if given within a few days of a baby’s ex­po­sure to the chicken pox virus, as it has an in­cu­ba­tion pe­riod of seven to ten days.

The vac­cine against chicken pox is safe and li­censed for use on ba­bies from nine months. How­ever, if she has any other is­sues, such as a low im­mune sys­tem, for ex­am­ple, there is also pas­sive im­mu­ni­sa­tion that can be done with VZIG (chicken pox im­munoglob­u­lin) to pre­vent in­fec­tion in sick kids. It does not of­fer long-term pro­tec­tion, though, so your baby will still need to re­ceive the chicken pox vac­ci­na­tion when she is old enough or once her other is­sues have been re­solved.

Chat to your pae­di­a­tri­cian if this is the case. YB

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