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How often he poos will de­pend on whether your child is breast- or for­mula-fed in those first weeks. Breast­fed ba­bies do not re­ally need to poo ev­ery day as breast­milk is con­sid­ered to be more eas­ily (and wholly) di­gested. Sis­ter Ida Pre­to­rius of Ida’s Baby Clinic who is a spe­cial­ist in ad­vanced neona­tal nurs­ing says, “Breast­fed ba­bies can pass seven stools in a day or one stool ev­ery seven days.” For­mu­lafed ba­bies usu­ally need to poo ev­ery day or ev­ery sec­ond day to feel com­fort­able. As a mom it’s easy to panic when your baby hasn’t pooed for days and as­sume it’s con­sti­pa­tion. Ida ad­vises moms to check the type and con­sis­tency of your baby’s poo rather than fre­quency. Nor­mal stools can be likened to the con­sis­tency of yo­ghurt or tooth­paste. Your con­sti­pated baby will have hard, sticky, dry or pel­let-like stools. Watch for any blood from anal fis­sures.

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