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Full term in­fants have enough iron stores to last around five or six months. Al­though breast­milk does pro­vide your baby with iron, the quan­tity may not be enough to sat­isfy the needs of a baby older than six months. Milk for­mu­las are for­ti­fied with iron, how­ever, you can­not rely on for­mula to give your baby all the right nu­tri­ents af­ter the age of six months as only 40 or 50 per­cent of your baby’s iron re­quire­ments are met by con­sum­ing 500 to 600ml of iron-for­ti­fied for­mula each day. The re­main­ing iron he needs must be pro­vided from food sources. This is why in­tro­duc­ing solids at the right time is im­por­tant to pro­vide a va­ri­ety of nu­tri­ents re­quired, par­tic­u­larly iron.

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