Baby DIY Com­fort blankie

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Your baby will find it sooth­ing to touch this lit­tle blan­ket with its dif­fer­ent tex­tures YOU WILL NEED

2 pieces of left­over ma­te­rial of dif­fer­ent tex­tures, for ex­am­ple a soft towel and stiff cot­ton Dif­fer­ent types of rib­bon Pins Nee­dle and thread Sewing ma­chine


• Cut out the two pieces of ma­te­rial that make the body of the blankie into a square of about 20cm x 20cm. Use a glass to shape the cor­ners into a neat arc. • Cut each piece of rib­bon to about 6cm in length and fold in half. • Place one piece of ma­te­rial with the right side fac­ing up. Pin the folded rib­bon to the edges so the closed side faces out. Tack the rib­bon onto the ma­te­rial us­ing your nee­dle and thread. • Place the other piece of ma­te­rial right side down on top of the first. In other words, the two right sides are fac­ing each other. • Us­ing your sewing ma­chine sew all along the edge so that the rib­bons are se­cured to the ma­te­rial and the two pieces of ma­te­rial are se­cured to each other. Leave half of one side open so that you can pull the ma­te­rial right side out and have the rib­bons fac­ing out. Close the gap neatly us­ing your nee­dle and thread.

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