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This oc­curs when a cold, throat in­fec­tion, or al­lergy at­tack causes fluid to be­come trapped in the mid­dle ear. SYMP­TOMS: Earache ac­com­pa­nied by a fever, a cold or gen­eral feel­ing of be­ing ill. HOW SE­RI­OUS? Should be seen by a doc. TREAT­MENT: Give liq­uid parac­eta­mol to re­lieve pain and fever. Don’t put any­thing in the ear, but some­thing warm like a hot wa­ter bot­tle cov­ered with a towel held to the ear can ease the pain. Prop your child up in bed if ly­ing down makes it worse.


A chronic skin dis­or­der that in­volves scaly and itchy rashes. SYMP­TOMS: In­flam­ma­tion of the skin, dry­ness, flak­ing and some­times the for­ma­tion of blis­ters. This is not con­ta­gious. It of­ten forms on the face and neck, be­hind the knees or the in­sides of el­bows, around the wrists and an­kles, or on hands and feet. Eczema can be in­tensely itchy and un­com­fort­able. HOW SE­RI­OUS? If your child has never had it be­fore, take her to a doc­tor to have it di­ag­nosed. Mostly it is man­aged at home. TREAT­MENT: Ap­ply oint­ments pre­scribed by the doc­tor and avoid rashes by keep­ing your child’s skin well mois­turised. Try to es­tab­lish what causes the eczema – it could be laun­dry or cos­metic prod­ucts or even cer­tain fab­rics.


Ir­ri­ta­tion and swelling of the brain, most of­ten due to in­fec­tions. SYMP­TOMS: Fever, ir­ri­tabil­ity, drowsi­ness, vom­it­ing, dou­ble vi­sion or a squint, weak­ness in a limb, con­vul­sions. It some­times oc­curs af­ter measles, rubella or chick­en­pox. HOW SE­RI­OUS? This is se­ri­ous, says Dr Sin­clair, you need to con­sult a doc­tor, es­pe­cially if your child is drowsy or has a fever with any other two symp­toms. TREAT­MENT: Your child may be hos­pi­talised. Re­mem­ber that any brain swelling car­ries a risk of long-term im­pair­ment or even death.

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