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Your three-year-old’s speech is now un­der­stand­able for the most part. She proudly has a vo­cab­u­lary of about 1 000 words, and uses more and more pro­nouns – and some plu­rals – cor­rectly. She knows at least three prepo­si­tions, more com­monly used verbs, and starts putting to­gether three-word sen­tences al­ready.

Set aside some ded­i­cated time dur­ing which you chat with your child about ev­ery­thing that hap­pened dur­ing the day. You can tell sto­ries over and over, your child will never tire of them. Give her the space for imag­i­nary play and talk about colours, shapes and what hap­pens when. At four years: Your child will know the names of well-known an­i­mals. She’ll en­joy play­ing imag­i­na­tion games and point out and name fa­mil­iar ob­jects in pic­ture books and mag­a­zines. She starts un­der­stand­ing con­cepts such as “over” and “un­der”, and uses about four prepo­si­tions. She can start fol­low­ing less concrete or­ders and finds it eas­ier to re­peat words, sen­tences and sounds.

Give your child the op­por­tu­nity to use her lis­ten­ing skills. Page through mag­a­zines and books to­gether, and dis­cuss the things you see. Teach her songs and rhymes. Talk about the days of the week, things that have hap­pened, and things that are still to come. Your five-year-old: Her speech should be com­pletely un­der­stand­able. Her lan­guage be­comes ever more de­scrip­tive, she starts us­ing longer sen­tences, and they’re gen­er­ally gram­mat­i­cally cor­rect. Her vo­cab­u­lary in­creases rapidly. She can de­scribe the func­tions of fa­mil­iar ob­jects and carry out two to three or­ders at the same time. She can sing en­tire songs and re­cite po­ems. Typ­i­cal things that she’s now get­ting the hang of are days of the week, her age, and most op­po­sites. She can count to 10, knows six c colours and three shapes and has a sim­ple con­cept of time. Al­low y your child to make up and tell her o own sto­ries. YB

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