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At 18 months: Your tod­dler is a real par­rot who re­peats ev­ery­thing she hears. She has a vo­cab­u­lary of be­tween five and 20 words but is also crazy about hav­ing mock con­ver­sa­tions with real in­flec­tion, so that it sounds like an adult talk­ing – just lis­ten to her bang­ing on over the tele­phone! She can fol­low sim­ple or­ders, such as, “Pass mom the cup please.” Look at pic­tures to­gether, and talk about what you see. If she says some­thing, elab­o­rate: so if she says, “juice”, you can say, “Would you like some juice?” Take her on out­ings so that she can build a vo­cab­u­lary to de­scribe the world out there. Two years: This is an ex­cit­ing year for your child’s lan­guage de­vel­op­ment, and you’ll have a good laugh at what she says. Some­where around two there’s a lan­guage ex­plo­sion and be­fore long, your tod­dler will boast with a vo­cab of 150 to 300 words. She can name var­i­ous ob­jects and will com­bine words in short phrases, such as “baby sits” and “there mommy”. She starts us­ing pro­nouns such as “I” and “mine”, and al­ready uses two prepo­si­tions such as “on” or “in”. She’ll re­act to in­struc­tions such as, “Show me your eyes”.

Make her sen­tences longer. When she says “Baby sits”, say “Baby sits on her mat.” Rather use adult than baby lan­guage. Re­cite non­sense rhymes, play word games and sing word songs such as “Head, Shoul­ders, Knees and Toes”.

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