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Your baby’s sleep­ing pat­tern has prob­a­bly not changed much in the last two months, but he might be cut­ting down on naps. 2 WHEN, HOW AND HOW OF­TEN DOES YOUR BABY FEED? Your baby can start eat­ing solids at four months, although you can post­pone to six months. Your doc­tor or health­care worker at the clinic might start rec­om­mend­ing a vi­ta­min sup­ple­ment for baby now as breast ba­bies no longer get enough iron in breastmilk. 3 CAN YOUR BABY DO MINI PUSH-UPS? It’s a typ­i­cal mile­stone at four months. If baby’s still strug­gling to hold his head up, you need to see a doc­tor. 4 WHAT NOISES DOES BABY MAKE? At this age baby can make noises and even laugh out loud. He’s prob­a­bly drool­ing and is try­ing to bite ev­ery­thing be­cause his teeth are busy drop­ping into their sock­ets. If he’s less talk­a­tive than be­fore men­tion this to your doc­tor. 5 HOW ARE YOUR BABY’S MO­TOR SKILLS COM­ING ALONG? At this stage he should be reach­ing for cer­tain ob­jects, and he can also now bring both his hands to­gether in front of his chest. He should be able to kick with both legs and go up and down when you bounce him on your lap.

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