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At six months your baby can sit by her­self and she can push her head, ch­est and shoul­ders away from the floor for as long as it pleases her when she is play­ing on the floor.

› She uses all her senses to ex­plore and learn. Make sure she has a wide va­ri­ety of safe ob­jects that she can ac­cess eas­ily. She needs to touch them, put them in her mouth and ma­nip­u­late them. She will love a soft rub­ber ball to squash in her lit­tle hands, or even a bear that makes a sound when she presses his tummy or paw.

› If you place a toy near her when she is on her tummy, she is able to shift her weight to one arm in or­der to reach out to the toy with the other.

› Her fine mo­tor skills are also im­prov­ing and she can trans­fer an ob­ject from one hand to the other and also use both hands to­gether.

› One of her favourite pas­times is to drop a toy for you to pick up and pass back to her.

› Your baby loves mak­ing sounds and copy­ing sounds that you make. Give her a chance some­times to make sounds for you to copy too – she will love it.

› By six months, your baby can see and hear her world as well as you can, and she can pin­point where a sound is coming from. Prac­tise this skill by call­ing to her from dif­fer­ent spots in the room. She can also dis­tin­guish dif­fer­ent tones and if you use a cross voice she might cry. YB

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