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Each shoe is de­signed around a last. This refers to the shape of the shoe and is es­sen­tially the mould that the shoe is con­structed around. There are three shapes of lasts for dif­fer­ent foot types (see the il­lus­tra­tion above):

✔ CURVED This is de­signed for supina­tors with high, rigid arches.

SEMI-CURVED For neu­tral foot types.

✔ STRAIGHT De­signed for flat, over­pronat­ing foot arches.

A me­dial post (or tor­sion) is nor­mally found on the side of the shoe, con­trol­ling any move­ment that is ex­ces­sive in na­ture, be it in­ward (prona­tion) or out­ward (supina­tion). Look out for these shoe cat­e­gories when shop­ping to get the most out of your run with the least im­pact:

CUSH­IONED SHOES This is a shoe that has lit­tle me­dial or in­ner arch sup­port but pro­vides el­e­vated cush­ion­ing for the mid­sole. Cush­ioned shoes are usu­ally built on a curved or semi- curved last. This helps im­prove the foot mo­tion of a foot that is too rigid.

✔ STA­BIL­ITY SHOES These of­fer a blend of sup­port, cush­ion­ing and dura­bil­ity. They in­clude a post in the mid­sole which helps with sta­bil­ity, de­creas­ing the ex­tent of prona­tion, and are gen­er­ally built on a semi- curved last. ✔ MO­TION CON­TROL SHOES These shoes are de­signed to slow the rate at which the run­ner over­pronates by pro­vid­ing stiffer heels and me­dial posts.

It is heav­ier, and more rigid, but does tend to last longer than the cush­ioned and sta­bil­ity shoes.

These shoes are nor­mally built on a straight last as this type of de­sign of­fers bet­ter sup­port and sta­bil­ity for the foot dur­ing run­ning.

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