bunny warm­ers

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Felt in white and dif­fer­ent colours



Thread for sewing up the bunny

Thicker em­broi­dery thread for the nose (pink) and eyes (black)

White wool for whiskers


Small wad of fill­ing for the tails



1 Use the pat­tern, and cut out four bunny shapes for ev­ery egg warmer: two in white and two in a colour. Place the lay­ers on each other to make a bunny, with the coloured felt on the in­side.

2 Stitch the ears up sep­a­rately, so that they are loose from each other.

3 Then stitch the rest of the bunny to­gether. Leave the bot­tom open as that is where the egg goes in.

4 Now for the face. Make the nose, which is vis­i­ble on both sides of the head and stitch on the whiskers. Stitch on two eyes: one on ei­ther side of the head.

5 Cut off a lit­tle piece of the fill­ing, and shape it into a ball for a tail. Stick it on with glue.

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