Your Baby & Toddler - - Exercise -

If you don’t have a ball, the al­ter­na­tive is to use a door frame.

✓ Stand in­side an open door frame.

✓ Tuck your chin in as much as you can within pain lim­its.

✓ Ex­tend your arms in a V shape with your el­bows, fore­arms and palms placed onto the door­frame and higher than shoul­der level; this will stretch your pec mi­nor. Hold the stretch for 10 sec­onds.

✓ Once done with the hold, move your arms down, so that your el­bows are in line with the height of your shoul­der joints, again with palms, el­bows and fore­arms placed onto the door­frame. Hold for 10 sec­onds. This stretches your pec ma­jor.

✓ With this stretch you might need to lean for­ward slightly, but re­mem­ber to work within your pain bound­aries. If you ex­pe­ri­ence any pain, stop do­ing the ex­er­cise.

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