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If your baby’s face is cov­ered in lit­tle pim­ples, don’t be tempted to pop or ex­fo­li­ate them. This is quite com­mon and a re­sult of your hor­mones leav­ing her body. They should dis­ap­pear after about two weeks. Also, if your baby’s scalp has flaky, dry skin that looks like dan­druff, or thick, oily, yel­low­ish or brown scal­ing or crust­ing patches, it’s prob­a­bly cra­dle cap. It’s very com­mon – es­pe­cially in the first three months. It’s not caused by poor hy­giene, and if it doesn’t clear up on its own, rub some olive oil on your baby’s head and comb it out. Never pick it, as this could cause in­fec­tion.

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