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✗ Never con­ceal when the baby has had a hard fall, suf­fered a hard blow to the head or some­thing strange hap­pened dur­ing the day that could threaten her safety – even if it does not ap­pear as if any­thing se­ri­ous hap­pened to her.

✗ Never leave the baby unat­tended on a high sur­face, even if she can’t roll over yet.

✓ If you walk down the stairs with Baby in your arms, make sure that you have one hand free to hold the rail.

✗ Never ever leave a baby alone in a bath or any amount of water – not even for a few sec­onds.

✗ Don’t leave buck­ets of water stand­ing around when you’ve washed the floor – a baby can fall for­ward and drown in it.

✗ Never leave a baby alone in a bath­room or toi­let – they can fall into the toi­let and drown.

✓ Re­mem­ber that ba­bies stick ev­ery­thing into their mouth, so be on the look-out for small ob­jects Baby might be able to lay hands on.

✓ Make sure there are no long ropes or elec­tric ca­bles that can stran­gle Baby or plas­tic bags that can suf­fo­cate her.

✓ If you’re busy clean­ing house, make sure the clean­ing agents are al­ways out of reach of lit­tle hands.

✓ All medicines must at all times be locked away in a cup­board out of reach of chil­dren. Even mouth­wash and per­fume are poi­sonous.

✗ Never open the door for strangers.

✓ Keep im­por­tant num­bers next to the phone for emer­gen­cies.

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