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Order it Whether you’re eat­ing out or or­der­ing a take away, al­ways ask for grilled and not fried fish to re­duce the fat and calorie con­tent of your meal. Opt for a baked potato in­stead of fried chips, and stay away from the sauce (such as sour cream) of­fered with the potato. Re­mem­ber to keep the meal bal­anced with veg­eta­bles, so have a side salad. Be care­ful of veg­eta­bles that con­tain added un­wanted calo­ries, such as sweet­ened pump­kin and creamed spinach. Ask for steamed veg­gies in­stead. Stay away from fish and other foods that are deep fried, pan fried, basted, bat­tered, breaded, creamy, crispy or in a cream sauce, as they are high in calo­ries and sat­u­rated or trans-fats.

Make it your­self Choose fatty fish such as sal­mon, sar­dines or trout to in­crease omega-3 fatty-acid in­take, nec­es­sary for brain de­vel­op­ment of your bright child. The omega 3’s are also ben­e­fi­cial for you, help­ing to keep your choles­terol un­der con­trol. White fish (like hake, sole and kingk­lip) is a bril­liant source of pro­tein and pro­vides other nu­tri­ents such as io­dine, vi­ta­min B12, some iron and zinc. Choose healthy cook­ing meth­ods such as grilling or poach­ing as op­posed to fry­ing. In­stead of fry­ing chips, make oven-baked ones, as this fur­ther re­duces the fat con­tent of the meal. Veg­eta­bles that tie fish and chips nicely to­gether in­clude a coleslaw salad and a carrot salad, which chil­dren usu­ally love. Be sure to add a low-fat vinai­grette dress­ing, in­stead of may­on­naise, to your coleslaw.

Tip: Poly­chlo­ri­nated biphenyls are con­tam­i­nants found in some fish and ac­cu­mu­late in the skin or fat of fish, so al­ways re­move the skin be­fore cook­ing. Fry­ing seals in the con­tam­i­nants – an­other rea­son to avoid this method of cook­ing.

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