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This is a full lower-body work­out, as it not only works your glutes (bum) and legs but is also a great way to el­e­vate your heart rate and get your blood cir­cu­la­tion go­ing. Po­si­tion your­self in waist-deep water for this.


❯ Draw your navel in to­ward your spine, and tighten your pelvic floor (like when you have a full blad­der and can’t go to the loo). This is called en­gag­ing your core mus­cles.

❯ Once your core is con­tracted, step

back­ward while bend­ing both your knees, and lift the heel of your back foot off the ground (as in 1A). The water should come to just be­low your armpits when both your knees are bent. ❯ Jump up as high as you can (ver­ti­cally) while still en­gag­ing your core, and swap your legs around be­fore you land in the lunge po­si­tion again (as in 1B). ❯ Lunge as deep or shal­lowly as you feel com­fort­able, but make sure that you place your weight di­rectly down to­ward the ground and dis­trib­ute your weight equally be­tween each leg. This is im­por­tant to re­mem­ber, as fail­ure to do so will re­sult in you ei­ther lean­ing back or for­ward – which means only one leg will be do­ing the work.

❯ Aim to com­plete 10 lunges on each leg, re­mem­ber­ing that qual­ity is key.



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