Your Baby & Toddler - - EXERCISE -

This move strength­ens your shoul­der mus­cles and tones your up­per back.


❯ Move to where the water is deep enough to reach your shoul­ders. Strad­dle your pool noo­dle.

❯ Stretch your arms out to the side with your palms on the sur­face of the water. ❯ The way you hold your hands has an im­pact on the re­sis­tance lev­els of this ex­er­cise:

✱ EASY Fingers are splayed out.

✱ ✱ MOD­ER­ATE Fingers are held tightly to­gether.

✱ ✱ ✱ HARD Cut a pool noo­dle into two pieces of about 15 to 20cm each to use as dumb­bells.

❯ Keep your shoul­ders back and away from your ears, and push your arms down to your sides. Re­mem­ber how im­por­tant it is to en­gage your core, as this will help you bal­ance.

❯ Bring your arms back to shoul­der height and re­peat. ❯ Re­mem­ber to breathe, ex­hal­ing when you push down, in­hal­ing when you draw your arms back up.

❯ Aim to do two sets of 15 rep­e­ti­tions, and ap­ply the 4:8 sec­ond ra­tio. That means hold­ing for 4 sec­onds be­fore push­ing down for 8 sec­onds.

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