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In no time, it’s back to pre-school or big school, and you might have a book – or 30 – to cover. Herewith some book-wrapping tips, from gift-wrapping expert Romy Meurer from thegiftwra­

Less is more when sizing the amount of paper you need to wrap a book.

Place the book on the paper, leave a border of 2cm beyond each of the four edges of the book, and cut away the excess paper.

Fold the two long sides in first – and leave about a 5mm leeway between the edge of the book and the fold, so as not to apply the paper too tightly, which may cause the cover to warp if the book does not have a hard cover. If it’s a hardcover, pull the paper right to the edge.

Fold the corners into a triangle toward the shorter edges, so that you don’t have to tuck away excess paper. This makes for a real profession­al finish. Fold the short sides in, using the same principles as before. Take it to the next level by sticking the paper down on the inside where no-one can see it using double-sided tape.

Careful of doing it too profession­ally… Your child’s friends might just come and knock on your door for wrapping services next time!

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