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Baby’s age From pregnancy to three months Flourish, a pillar of Grow Great Campaign, is a social franchises network that seeks to offer universal access to parent and baby groups that support, celebrate and empower parents through the critical first 1 000 days of a child’s life.

Flourish hosts antenatal and postnatal communityb­ased groups across South Africa. A branch will offer a minimum of two 90-minute gatherings each week with no more than 10 pregnant women, and these courses run for 10 weeks. Postnatal gatherings are 90 minutes long and typically happen once a week. Contact; 083 823 8634

Extra info Flourish postnatal groups are a journey of adjustment to a “new normal” through companions­hip, belonging and acceptance. The groups provide a space where new parents can share knowledge, as well as support and empower each other. The 10-week Flourish journey covers various topics including self-care, feeding, baby play and stimulatio­n and baby developmen­t. Parents typically pay a price set by the franchisee (prices vary) to be part of a group. However, parents who are unable to pay are not excluded.

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