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They are more than just re­us­able they ; are part of a con­scious life­style

is the owner of Kidz Party Cor­ner, sup­pli­ers of chil­dren’s party es­sen­tials. She re­cently opened her sec­ond busi­ness, Komfy Cheeks, a range of ecofriendly re­us­able nap­pies.

‘I’ve been run­ning my busi­ness, Kidz Party Cor­ner, for the past eight years with great suc­cess, and this year I em­barked on a new chal­lenge. I had no idea what I wanted to do un­til ev­ery­thing just fell into place. We’re in the process of adopt­ing a baby, which wasn’t planned at all, but we just felt we had to step up when the sit­u­a­tion af­fected us,’ ex­plains Simoné, who be­lieves ev­ery­thing hap­pens for a rea­son.

It was when she be­gan re­search­ing af­ford­able, en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly prod­ucts with no harsh chem­i­cals that she came across modern cloth nap­pies. ‘They’re more than just re­us­able nap­pies; they’re part of a con­scious life­style and one of the best things you can do for the en­vi­ron­ment. An av­er­age baby goes through 8 000 dis­pos­able nap­pies – imag­ine how much pol­lu­tion that causes! Modern cloth nap­pies are re­us­able for years if cared for cor­rectly, and can even be used for the next sib­ling. As a fam­ily, we re­ally do our best to think twice about the en­vi­ron­ment, and do our part as best we can, and this was right up our al­ley.’

Be­fore ven­tur­ing into en­trepreneur­ship Simoné was a busi­ness man­ager at a large re­tail group, and later worked as a PA in a cor­po­rate en­vi­ron­ment, so her pre­vi­ous work ex­pe­ri­ence came in handy.

‘I’d al­ways en­joyed ar­rang­ing all sorts of func­tions for the com­pany I worked for. While or­gan­is­ing my son’s first birth­day party I couldn’t find ex­actly what I wanted in terms of party themes, and party plan­ners weren’t of­fer­ing many op­tions. I re­alised there was a mas­sive gap in the mar­ket, did some re­search and de­cided to start of­fer­ing the ser­vices I’d strug­gled to find.’ With Kidz Party Cor­ner, Simoné wanted to of­fer par­ents hand­made and cus­tomised party sup­plies, giv­ing them a unique party for chil­dren at a frac­tion of the usual price. She started the busi­ness part-time, and it even­tu­ally kept her so busy she chose to fo­cus on it full-time.

By the time she launched Komfy Cheeks ear­lier this year, she’d al­ready had some ex­pe­ri­ence with run­ning a busi­ness. The nap­pies are ex­cel­lent qual­ity at an af­ford­able price, al­low­ing par­ents to help pro­tect the en­vi­ron­ment with­out dig­ging too deeply into their pock­ets.

‘The nap­pies are easy to use and have the same fit as dis­pos­able nap­pies, but with added ben­e­fits, in­clud­ing sav­ing money in the long run due to the nap­pies’ reusabil­ity.’ All the nap­pies are ma­chine wash­able, with no soak­ing be­fore­hand as was re­quired with the old-fash­ioned cot­ton nap­pies. And be­cause they con­tain no harsh chem­i­cals, this re­duces the need for bum cream.

‘They’re highly ab­sorbent and come in modern and funky prints. They’re also ad­justable to three times their size, al­low­ing them to grow with your baby, of­fer­ing you fur­ther value for money.’

When she started out, Simoné fre­quented a few mar­kets, but found this didn’t work out for her, so she switched her strat­egy to on­line ad­ver­tis­ing. ‘I used so­cial me­dia, and word of mouth also came in handy. I have an on­line store too. As with the Kidz Party Cor­ner, I re­alised moms are con­stantly look­ing for ef­fi­ciency, so I fo­cused on in­no­va­tive ways to cre­ate a plat­form for con­ve­nience.’

One thing she did learn from her first busi­ness that she’s tak­ing heed of with her sec­ond ven­ture, is re­mem­ber­ing to take care of her­self. ‘As a mom, you al­ways put your chil­dren and fam­ily be­fore your­self; and then when you add run­ning a busi­ness to the mix, it be­comes over­whelm­ing. It’s im­por­tant to set aside time for your­self, so you can clear your mind and re­group.’

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