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koek­sis­ter ice cream

Serves 6 Takes 5 mins + freez­ing Beat to­gether 385g tin con­densed milk, 250ml cream, 380g tin chilled evap­o­rated milk and 5ml vanilla essence un­til soft peaks form. Fold in 60ml brandy and 125ml chopped koek­sis­ters. Pour into an air­tight con­tainer and freeze overnight. Stir the ice cream af­ter 3 hours to bring some koek­sis­ters that have sunk to the bot­tom to the top. Freeze un­til firm.

koek­sis­ter squares

Makes 20 Takes 25 mins Line a 20cm bak­ing tray with bak­ing pa­per. Beat to­gether 200g soft but­ter and 500ml ic­ing sugar un­til creamy. Finely chop 12 koek­sis­ters and fold in with 15ml vanilla essence and a 200g packet crushed Marie bis­cuits. Press into a 20cm bak­ing tray lined with bak­ing pa­per. Beat 80g soft but­ter and 5ml vanilla essence un­til pale. Beat in ½ x 230g tub soft cream cheese un­til com­bined. Beat in 250ml ic­ing sugar and zest of 1 lime un­til it comes to­gether. Spoon over the base and sprin­kle with ½ x 50g packet chopped wal­nuts. Cut into squares. boozy koek­sis­ter milk­shake

Serves 6 Takes 5 mins Blitz 1L vanilla ice cream, 6 koek­sis­ters,

375ml milk and 80ml Frangelico liqueur un­til smooth. Serve in glasses dusted with ground cin­na­mon and topped with an ex­tra koek­sis­ter on each rim.

blue cheese, pear and koek­sis­ter tart

Serves 8 Takes 35 mins Pre­heat oven to 180°C. Line an 11cm x 33cm spring­form tart tin with puff pas­try. Mix to­gether 150g blue cheese, 230g tub cream cheese and 15ml sherry. Spread over the base of the pas­try. Sprin­kle over 8 chopped koek­sis­ters, 4 cored and quar­tered pears and 15ml brown sugar. Bake for about 25 min­utes or un­til golden.

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