Bauble tree board

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wooden plank (we used a piece of pine mea­sur­ing 2 400mm x 140mm x 10mm)

6 brack­ets

6 screws

20 small screws wood stain (we used Fired Earth wood­works in Grey Moon) paint­brush mea­sur­ing tape

01 Cut your piece of wood into 3 in­di­vid­ual lengths of 800mm each. 02 Se­cure the 3 pieces of wood to­gether by plac­ing them next to each other and fas­ten­ing with the brack­ets and screws.

03 Stain the wood. Once dry, you can start adding your smaller screws. 04 Mea­sure and en­sure that the spa­ces at the top and bot­tom of your board are equal (ours were 15cm at both the top and bot­tom). 05 Start with your first screw in the mid­dle of the board and 15cm from the top. Then mea­sure 10cm down and start with the sec­ond row, spac­ing the screws 6cm apart hor­i­zon­tally. Con­tinue with this un­til your last row of 6 screws. 06 Use string to hang baubles of your colour choice from the screws.

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