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Is it safe? What to avoid dur­ing your preg­nancy to keep you and baby safe

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A First up, very lit­tle dye is ab­sorbed through the skin and the chances of this be­ing ab­sorbed by your foe­tus are even more mi­nus­cule. Re­search in­di­cates the chem­i­cals found in both semi-per­ma­nent and per­ma­nent dyes aren’t highly toxic and are safe to use dur­ing preg­nancy. You have the op­tion to ask your hair stylist to keep the dye off your scalp if you’re wor­ried. Sis­ter Henny de Beer, Ori­gin Fam­ily-Cen­tred Ma­ter­nity Hos­pi­tal’s clin­i­cal mid­wife spe­cial­ist, warns that the re­sults you’re look­ing for may not be up to scratch, how­ever. “Due to hor­monal changes, the pig­men­ta­tion of your hair might change,” she says. She rec­om­mends wear­ing a mask at the sa­lon to pre­vent in­hal­ing chem­i­cals. “Or­ganic hair colours are rec­om­mended and Brazil­ian hair straight­en­ing is def­i­nitely not,” she says.


A Nails aren’t liv­ing tis­sue, so any­thing you ap­ply to them can’t be ab­sorbed by your body. How­ever, a sa­lon that doesn’t prac­tise good hy­giene can be a breeding ground for a host of bac­te­ria and fungi you want to avoid. Check that they have a stan­dard pro­ce­dure for ster­il­is­ing equip­ment, do not reuse non-metal tools and use gloves, says Sis­ter de Beer. Is there cer­ti­fi­ca­tion posted on the wall? Ask that your cu­ti­cles – which pro­tect the nail bed from bac­te­ria and fun­gus – not be cut or pushed back. Nau­sea alert: the fumes that come off nail pol­ish or ad­he­sive glues may bring on a spell of green. Ask for a nail booth that is well ven­ti­lated and warn your con­sul­tant you are preg­nant.

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