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Your 10-minute DIY health check

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are so fo­cused on the health of the lit­tle life grow­ing in­side us, we can for­get to tend to the host, who af­ter all needs to be well enough to grow a healthy baby. But stay­ing well is im­por­tant for baby and for our­selves, not just to catch any­thing that may be go­ing wrong be­fore it gets se­ri­ous, but also for our longevity and over­all feel­ing of well-be­ing. So how to stay on top of your health? Take a look in the mir­ror.


More than per­form­ing the mul­ti­tude of pro­cesses that keeps you in one piece throught the day, your body also gives you clear warn­ing signs when things are start­ing to go wrong. All you need to do is look for the clues it’s show­ing you. Doc­tors agree that per­form­ing small health checks on a reg­u­lar monthly ba­sis can make all the dif­fer­ence when it comes to nip­ping dis­eases or health is­sues in the bud. Mi­nor com­plaints that are easy to ig­nore, such as brit­tle nails or dry lips, can be in­di­ca­tions of more se­ri­ous health prob­lems. If you find some­thing on your body that you’re not sure of, al­ways have it checked out by your doc­tor to en­sure that if there is some­thing go­ing on, you catch it early enough to do some­thing about it.

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