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I re­cently read Your Preg­nancy’s ar­ti­cle “Hyp­no­birthing: Is it for you?” (April & May 2017) and I was so glad I did. I wanted a nat­u­ral birth from the very be­gin­ning, but I still felt very ner­vous about the pain, and won­dered how on earth I’d get through it. I’d heard many a hor­ror story from friends and fam­ily who unashamedly felt the need to tell me! Af­ter read­ing the ar­ti­cle, I knew I had to learn the art of hyp­no­birthing (and quickly) to help me through child­birth. I learned so many skills – breath­ing tech­niques and vi­su­al­i­sa­tion to name a few – that helped me ease into labour and breathe my baby into the world. Thank you for ar­ti­cles like th­ese that ed­u­cate and em­power women to make the best de­ci­sions for their bod­ies and ba­bies. DENISE CO­HEN, SPRINGS My hus­band and I were thrilled to tell our fam­ily and friends our happy news – that we are fi­nally hav­ing a baby, af­ter three years of try­ing. My hus­band was in a car ac­ci­dent a few years back, be­fore we got mar­ried, that left him 97 per­cent ster­ile. We still had hope, even thought it seemed all the odds were against us. Af­ter three years with no luck, we had al­most given up hope. One morn­ing I woke up feel­ing “off”. Nau­sea fol­lowed for sev­eral days un­til my hus­band sug­gested I take a preg­nancy test. To our ut­ter sur­prise, two pink lines ap­peared! I’m now eight months preg­nant and lov­ing ev­ery mo­ment of it. Thank you Your Preg­nancy mag­a­zine for all the help­ful ad­vice and tips. I have kept ev­ery copy! BRON­WYN ISAACS, AMANZIMTOTI

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