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“We all have an idea of what we should do to pro­tect our­selves and our fam­i­lies against harm; how­ever, re­fresh­ing this knowl­edge could be of great value should we find our­selves in an un­for­tu­nate sit­u­a­tion,” says An­dré Ittmann, the chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer of Car­track. While no one sit­u­a­tion is the same, Car­track shares some tips to con­sider when trav­el­ling in your car.


1. Have your key ready but not vis­i­ble. Un­lock your car when you’re close by. Avoid talk­ing on your cell phone while you walk to your car. 2. En­sure your car has been locked af­ter you’ve pressed the lock­ing de­vices. 3. Check the back seat and un­der seats be­fore get­ting into your car. 4. A well-main­tained car is less likely to break down and leave you vul­ner­a­ble, so keep your ser­vices up to date, es­pe­cially if you’re tak­ing a longdis­tance jour­ney. 5. Al­ways check the rear-view mir­ror to see if you are be­ing fol­lowed. 6. Avoid dis­trac­tions while driv­ing, like us­ing your cell­phone. 7. If you sus­pect you’re be­ing fol­lowed, drive to your near­est po­lice sta­tion or to a busy pub­lic area. 8. When stop­ping be­hind an­other ve­hi­cle, leave a good fol­low­ing dis­tance in front of you so you can safely pull away if nec­es­sary. Safety inside your car 1. Keep your baby in a rear­fac­ing car seat as long as pos­si­ble and at least un­til two years old, as mus­cles in a baby’s body aren’t de­vel­oped enough to with­stand the im­pact of a col­li­sion in a for­ward-fac­ing seat. 2. Car seats have an ex­pi­ra­tion date – usu­ally around six years. Find the la­bel and check to make sure it’s still safe for use. Visit wheel­well.co.za for more tips on car seat safety. 3. Toys can in­jure your child in a col­li­sion, so only choose soft ones that will have min­i­mal im­pact upon a col­li­sion. 4. Make sure ev­ery­one has their seat belts safely se­cured be­fore start­ing your car. 5. Never leave your child alone in your car, even if you’re pop­ping out for one minute. Tem­per­a­tures in a car rise very quickly, and it sim­ply isn’t safe to leave your child unat­tended in a car. 6. Cen­tre seats are the safest – so place older chil­dren on th­ese.


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