Be­ing preg­nant for the first time with no rel­a­tives close by is very dif­fi­cult. I thought I had a won­der­ful re­la­tion­ship with the fa­ther of my un­born baby, but he proved me wrong by leav­ing me when we found out about the preg­nancy. He told me he wants noth­ing to do with the baby or me. I moved for­ward though, and con­tin­ued my stud­ies at col­lege. Thank­fully, my fam­ily is very sup­port­ive, even though they don’t live near me. I’m now 35 weeks preg­nant, healthy, happy, and at­tend­ing school. I get emo­tional feel­ing ev­ery kick of my grow­ing baby. I’m so glad I have kept my baby. With Your Preg­nancy I no longer feel alone!


I had my first child, a beau­ti­ful daugh­ter, when I was 25. I was in a very un­happy re­la­tion­ship though, and I knew in­side it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore I packed up my baby and moved away from the abuse. And even­tu­ally, I did. Life moved on, I got a new job, a lovely place for us to stay, and cre­ated a level of peace and bal­ance in our lives. Be­ing a sin­gle mom isn’t easy, but it sure beats lin­ger­ing in a bad re­la­tion­ship, hop­ing for the best! When I met my now hus­band, a part of me couldn’t un­der­stand why he wanted to be with me. But I learned to trust him, and to al­low my­self to love and be loved. Eight years af­ter my first baby was born, I’m preg­nant with my sec­ond, a baby boy. I just can’t wait to meet this pre­cious baby. My daugh­ter is ex­cited to be a big sis­ter, too. Thank you Your Preg­nancy for be­ing my com­pan­ion sec­ond time around!


I fell preg­nant for the first time when I was just 17. I was so ter­ri­fied to tell my par­ents, that I kept it from them un­til it was too late – I had suf­fered a mis­car­riage. I re­mem­ber my mother be­ing so dev­as­tated that I had kept this se­cret from her, only for her to dis­cover it when I was in in­cred­i­ble phys­i­cal and emo­tional pain. She took me for coun­selling ses­sions for many months, and we grew closer af­ter that. Now, at 26, I’m preg­nant again, and this time the cir­cum­stances are very dif­fer­ent. I’m in a sup­port­ive, happy re­la­tion­ship, have a great job, and feel so con­nected to this grow­ing baby. My part­ner and I have de­cided we want to keep the gen­der a sur­prise, so I’m even more ex­cited! I have six weeks left to go, and count­ing! I love read­ing Your Preg­nancy. I keep all my copies next to our bed to read. Thank you for all the help­ful ad­vice, and for help­ing me feel empowered.


I’m 36 weeks preg­nant, and re­cently fin­ished read­ing my Au­gust & Septem­ber is­sue of Your Preg­nancy from cover to cover. The ar­ti­cle on the nest­ing in­stinct re­ally struck a chord, be­cause I haven’t stopped clean­ing and sort­ing and or­gan­is­ing since! I’ve never been a par­tic­u­larly tidy and or­gan­ised per­son, so this feel­ing re­ally took me by sur­prise (and at least now I know what it’s about; my hus­band thought I was mad when he saw me re­or­gan­is­ing the linen cup­board). Thank you for such an in­spir­ing mag­a­zine, so full of in­for­ma­tion I’ve de­voured through­out my preg­nancy. When baby ar­rives, I’ll be sure to move on to read­ing Your Baby mag­a­zine, too. Keep up the good work!


My hus­band and I have been mar­ried for five years. Be­ing a bit older than most new­ly­weds (into our late thir­ties) we wanted to start a fam­ily im­me­di­ately. Within a year, I fell preg­nant, but we lost the baby just 14 weeks in. I gave up hope. I didn’t even al­low my­self to grieve prop­erly and try again. I be­came de­pressed, and imag­ined my life with­out chil­dren in it. Even­tu­ally, my hus­band and I de­cided to adopt two pup­pies, who we love dearly and who re­ally helped lift my spir­its. A few years on, once out of my de­pressed funk, we fell preg­nant again. This time, ev­ery­thing is go­ing so well, and we are 30 weeks along. I truly be­lieve in the power of love and a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude. There was no way a baby was go­ing to come into my life, as de­pressed and un­will­ing as I was. Once life got rosier, my baby was ready to come to me. I’m lov­ing ev­ery mo­ment of this amaz­ing jour­ney. Thank you Your Preg­nancy for the amaz­ing sup­port!


Thank you Your Preg­nancy for such an in­for­ma­tive mag­a­zine. Af­ter fall­ing preg­nant af­ter 10 years of try­ing, YP comes in very handy! I’m 34 weeks preg­nant now, and I read it from cover to cover. My hus­band and I are look­ing for­ward to the ar­rival of our Nathaniel. Thank you

for help­ing me re­mem­ber all that I had for­got­ten in the past 10 years! HEMALENE JIVAN, DUR­BAN


Af­ter bat­tling for 8 years to con­ceive my first child, I knew it was go­ing to be near im­pos­si­ble to try for a sec­ond , and so I fo­cused my en­er­gies on my lit­tle girl and just re­mained grate­ful for hav­ing her. I en­rolled for my post­grad, and while I was in the mid­dle of my stud­ies, I re­alised I didn’t get my cy­cle. I wasn’t in a hurry to do a preg­nancy test, as I had done them so many times be­fore my first one. Even­tu­ally two months later I de­cided to take a home preg­nancy test. I can’t ex­plain the eu­pho­ria I felt when it came out pos­i­tive! My hubby and I were over the moon! The first thing I did was get a copy of Your Preg­nancy mag­a­zine as I couldn’t re­mem­ber ev­ery­thing from the first time. All I can say is ‘don’t lose faith’. Mir­a­cles do hap­pen!

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