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1 If your baby is cough­ing (while cry­ing or gag­ging), al­low her to con­tinue, be­cause cough­ing is the best way to dis­lodge an ob­struc­tion. Call 112 in the mean­time.

2 If your baby is un­able to cry or cough, or is turn­ing blue or red, her air­way could be com­pletely blocked. Tell any­one else in the house to call 112 and start the fol­low­ing back blows and chest thrusts. If you’re alone with your baby, do back blows and chest thrusts for two min­utes, then call 112, then con­tinue.

3 Hold your baby’s jaw with your thumb and fore­fin­gers, your other arm on her back. Now turn her over and lower your baby face down onto your thigh, mak­ing sure her head is lower than her body. Give your baby five firm blows on the back, be­tween her shoul­der blades, as you try to force the ob­ject out of her throat.

4 If that hasn’t worked, now turn your baby face for­ward, still with her head lower than her chest, and use the pads of two or three fin­gers to push straight down on the chest, be­tween the baby’s nip­ples, about 3-4cm. Thrust five times, then check in­side baby’s mouth. Only put your fin­ger in­side the mouth if you can see the ob­ject, oth­er­wise you might ac­ci­den­tally push it even fur­ther in.

5 Con­tinue un­til the ob­ject is out or help ar­rives.




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