Kit­ted out for baby

Here’s our list of ev­ery­thing you need to get your baby’s nest ready, says Yolandi Jor­daan

Your Pregnancy - - Financially Ready For Baby -

THE SEC­OND YOU SEE two lines on the preg­nancy test, you’ll be tempted to hit the shops. But wait! Even though it’s nec­es­sary to buy some items be­fore baby is born, other items should rather be left for later. You will find that a brand or prod­uct that worked well for some­one else, won’t nec­es­sar­ily work well for you or your lit­tle one. So don’t be in a rush. Also re­mem­ber that some of the things we’ve put on our list, you might al­ready have, like a com­fort­able chair for breast­feed­ing or a bin that seals prop­erly. Other things on the list are up to you to de­cide – you might not feel the need for a breast­feed­ing cush­ion, for in­stance, but take our list along to the shops just in case. Also con­sult The Es­sen­tial Shop­ping Guide, the free sup­ple­ment that was bagged with this is­sue of Your Preg­nancy.


✓ Cot ✓ Mat­tress with air holes ✓ Mat­tress cov­ers ✓ Warm blan­kets for win­ter, light blan­kets for sum­mer, swad­dling blan­kets, sleep­ing bags. First buy for the sea­son your baby will be born in. ✓ Sleep wedge ✓ Night light ✓ Breast­feed­ing chair ✓ Breast­feed­ing cush­ion ✓ Toy bas­ket. New­borns don’t re­ally play with toys, so this can wait for later. ✓ Chang­ing ta­ble or com­pactum ✓ Chang­ing mat and cover ✓ Mo­bile to hang over chang­ing sta­tion to keep baby amused ✓ Container for cot­ton wool ✓ Clock to keep track of feed­ing ✓ Laun­dry bas­ket ✓ Bin that seals well ✓ White noise de­vice or CD to help calm baby ✓ Hu­mid­i­fier ✓ Mon­i­tor


✓ Baby bath ✓ Bath toys. These can also wait un­til your baby is a lit­tle older. ✓ Bath time seat ✓ Baby tow­els ✓ Face­cloths


✓ Vests (at least 6) ✓ Baby­gros (at least 6) ✓ Bibs. Even if your baby doesn’t drool or pos­set much, bibs are use­ful as you will use them when baby starts on solids.


✓ Pram ✓ Car seat ✓ Camp cot. The camp cot isn’t only use­ful for out­ings, but can be used for the first month or two to en­able baby to sleep in your room. It is eas­ier to have baby close, es­pe­cially for night feeds. ✓ Car­rier or sling ✓ Nappy bag


✓ Bot­tles. If you in­tend to breast­feed, you don’t have to buy bot­tles be­fore baby is born. ✓ Bot­tle brush. Buy this when you buy the bot­tles. ✓ Ster­iliser ✓ Dum­mies ✓ Breast­pump. It is not nec­es­sary to buy this be­fore your baby is born, be­cause you will mainly use it when you re­turn to work. ✓ Breast pads ✓ High chair. At more or less six months old your baby will start on solids, so the chair can wait un­til af­ter the birth.


✓ Muslin cloths ✓ Nap­pies. Buy the new­born size first. Your baby could be allergic to a cer­tain brand so don’t buy too many at first. ✓ Per­fumed plas­tic bags for dirty nap­pies ✓ Wet wipes ✓ Nail care kit ✓ Cot­ton wool ✓ Baby hair­brush ✓ Baby cream ✓ Baby cleanser ✓ Sur­gi­cal al­co­hol ✓ Petroleum jelly ✓ Medicine. Only buy this when you need it though, as ba­bies re­ally shouldn’t be get­ting medicine be­fore three months old. ✓ Mosquito re­pel­lent that is suit­able for ba­bies, or a mosquito net ✓ Play­mat with a toy arch

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