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‘I’m hav­ing twins. At how many weeks would I need a C-sec­tion?” DR HENK BURGER SAYS: “If you choose a C-sec­tion or your doc­tor ad­vises it, it will usu­ally be around 36 weeks if the preg­nancy is un­com­pli­cated. A C-sec­tion will be con­sid­ered ear­lier if there are any com­pli­ca­tions com­pro­mis­ing the health of mom or the ba­bies, es­pe­cially com­pli­ca­tions such as pre-eclamp­sia, pre­ma­ture rup­ture of the mem­branes (caus­ing am­ni­otic fluid to leak) or pla­cen­tal abrup­tion (when the pla­centa de­taches from the uterus pre­ma­turely).”

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